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April 4, 2018

S1|EP10: Spiritual Bypassing: Why Feeling Good Is Not Enough

S1|EP10: Spiritual Bypassing: Why Feeling Good Is Not Enough

It's tempting to adopt the "feel good, vibe high" and law of attraction teachings that are prevalent in the self-development space. But here's why this approach just isn't enough to provide someone with a truly comprehensive "spiritual toolbox" for their self-growth journey.

In this episode, Janice dives into the topic of spiritual bypassing, and explains why the prevalent "feel good, vibe high" and law of attraction teachings in the spiritual/self-development spaces are not enough in: 1) addressing the complex challenges and social barriers that people face in trying to create the life that they want; and 2) promoting a comprehensive "spiritual toolbox" to equip people with in their spiritual development journeys.

Read Janice's 4-years-later take on the episode here: "S1 | EP10: Are You Vibing High or Committing Spiritual Bypassing?

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Show notes:

  • 0:45: What we discuss in this episode
  • 1:32: A personal update on my life
  • 5:05: The book that triggered me to speak about spiritual bypassing 
  • 7:00: What is spiritual bypassing?
  • 8:11: The connection between spiritual bypassing and privilege
  • 8:46: My very important disclaimer about positive-thinking strategies
  • 10:35: The need for shadow work to experience greater alignment and authenticity
  • 11:53: How “feel good, receive good” teachings can be harmful
  • 13:03: How my past experiences of struggle have informed my views of the “law of attraction” approach
  • 16:09: The other things that people who lack privilege need to gain wealth and a “happy life”
  • 20:40: An illustrative journal entry from 10 years ago
  • 23:10: Recapping the episode so far
  • 26:30: How spiritual bypassing can result in feeling shame and failure
  • 30:56: My call to action to “spiritual leaders”
  • 33:02: My encouragement to my dear listeners on their self-development journey

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