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Feb. 6, 2018

S1|EP5: What Are Your Core Values?

S1|EP5: What Are Your Core Values?

Have you thought about which values are most important to you? In this episode, we dive into how we can identify the most important guideposts for navigating our life.

In this episode, Janice discusses how we can explore our core values to get clear on which principles we want steering our ship (ya know, the ship of life). She discusses two areas in everyday life – relationships and money – where understanding our core values can help in making important decisions.

Read Janice's 4-years-later take on the episode here: "S1 | EP5: Which Values Are Guiding Your Life?

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Show notes:

  • 3:17: Tips for identifying your core values
  • 5:35: Navigating relationships with your values
  • 9:10: Core values in money and work
  • 12:20: Your soul’s homework + a quote to inspire you to stand in your core values

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