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Sense of community

I've been following your podcast since the beginning and I wanted to thank you for sharing your personal journey so honestly with us, and for providing such great research and information that really encourages your viewers to obtain that knowledge for themselves. It really is a powerful message that you send and I wanted you to know that in hopes to encourage you to continue doing something that is helping many people, especially during this time.

I started on my spiritual journey about 8 years ago and I find it so fascinating how we come from such different life experiences and yet the lessons we have learned and continue to learn as souls are similar.

In a way, listening to you validates my own experiences, like there is a sense of community and welcomeness for those who either are currently suffering, recovering from, or want to understand more about the people around them. Great job.

I read that you might be writing a book??? Can't wait to read it!

Feb. 27, 2022 by T. Pham on This Website

The Soul's Work Podcast