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The Soul's Work Podcast

The Soul's Work Podcast is the show about uncovering our authentic selves through doing both the light work and the shadow work. Host Janice Ho provides honest and vulnerable conversations on topics such as trauma, addiction, relationships, sex, therapy, and more.

This podcast is not meant to give professional advice but strives to openly share about personal experiences and learnings on the things we all struggle with in life.

The Soul's Work Podcast

Recent Episodes

Healing Trauma (Part 7): Releasing Trauma and Changing Lifelong Patterns with Body-Mind-Relational Therapy (Pt 1)

July 28, 2022

Janice shares what has been the most transformative approach for her in healing trauma and changing lifelong patterns. In Part 1 of this 2-part episode, she discusses: 5 core needs that, when not met, can result in developme…

S3|EP11: Turning 40 (My Milestone Birthday Episode)

June 22, 2022

In this special birthday episode, Janice and her special guest interviewer (her almost 1-year partner, a.k.a. Sugar) sit down to reflect on Janice's life and path ahead as she turns the big 4-0. Janice answers: What makes yo…

S3|EP10: Coping with the Tragedies of Today's World (+ Making Change)

June 9, 2022

Are you feeling the weight of the seemingly endless and senseless tragedies of today’s world? Are you wanting to stay informed and contribute to change but find it hard to not disconnect after hearing about yet another mass …

Recent Blog Posts

S1 | EP12: Returning to Our Higher Selves

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S1 | EP11: Getting to Two Years Alcohol Free

This was a nostalgic post to read back to. It’s one of the starkest examples of how much has changed in my life, even just in the past two years. …

S1 | EP10: Are You Vibing High or Committing Spiritual Byp…

In listening back to all of my Season 1 episodes, this one probably hits me the hardest.  Today's four-years-later take on Season 1 is for Episode …

Before You Dive In


Hi! Welcome to The Soul's Work Podcast. I'm your host, Janice Ho. And before you dive into the episodes and blog posts, please note a few things ...

I am not a therapist or "expert" on any of the topics I speak on.

Much of what I speak about (especially regarding trauma) is based on a lot of research and education I've taken in.

BUT please remember that all of this is based on my unique personal experiences, my one "self-development" and healing journey, and I will be biased as to the kind of things I focus on, the types of information I seek and take in, and the perspectives I form and share here.

I still have SO much to learn. I am still exploring more decolonized approaches to therapy and healing. I am still working through my internalized racism and biases. I am still grappling with how my identities of privilege and oppression shape the way I operate in this world. I am still unlearning the ways in which capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and our culture of white supremacy have influenced my approach to healing and what I think "healing," "self-growth," and "being in better relationship" even means in the first place.

And I will never stop learning.

So please know that I will make "mistakes" here. I will say the "wrong" thing. I will change my mind about certain beliefs down the road when my mind and soul become more expanded.

I will do my best to stay humble along the way. But please afford me some grace if I fall short from time to time.

Many thanks. And now, I hope you enjoy the show. :)