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The Soul's Work Podcast

The Soul's Work Podcast is the show about uncovering our authentic selves through doing both light work and shadow work. Host Janice Ho shares her life experiences and resources on topics such as healing from trauma and addiction, connecting with our intuition, improving our relationships, and more.

This podcast is not meant to give professional advice, but to share personal experiences and help others feel less alone in their own journeys.

The Soul's Work Podcast

Recent Episodes

Navigating Boundaries: The Good, the Confusing, and the Uncomfortable (S2, EP14 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

Nov. 18, 2021

Everyone’s talking about boundaries these days and how important they are for our Selves and our relationships. But then why do they feel so hard to do, and does setting boundaries mean we have to push people away? We discus…

Healing in Relationships with a Therapist (with Chris Lam) (S2, EP13 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

Oct. 27, 2021

What makes people turn to therapy? How is talking to a therapist different from sharing your "problems" with a good friend or family member? In this episode, we discuss this and many other aspects of doing therapy!

Life Is Short, But What If We Need to Slow Down? (S2, EP12 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

Oct. 10, 2021

"Life is short, so live it to the fullest." This well-known mantra can push us to want to do things bigger, better, and more of. But what if "living to the fullest" feels more like pressure than inspiration? What if going sl…

Recent Blog Posts

"Hello. It's Me. You." (My Phone Call with 10-Years-Later …

The phone rings. I answer. It's me from 10 years in the future. "Hello, Janice. It's me. You. From the future. Do you have a few minutes to chat? I want…

What Does It Mean to Uncover Our Authentic Selves?

The Soul's Work Podcast is the show about uncovering our authentic selves through doing both light work and shadow work. But what the heck does that even…

The Missing Piece: Healing Trauma through Somatic and Mind…

Disclaimer: This is a long one – take your time and take care of yourself as you read. For the longest time, my "self-development" journey focused…

Before You Dive In


Hi! Welcome to The Soul's Work Podcast. I'm your host, Janice Ho. And before you dive into the episodes and blog posts, please note a few things ...

I am not a therapist or "expert" on any of the topics I speak on.

Much of what I speak about (especially regarding trauma) is based on a lot of research and education I've taken in.

BUT please remember that all of this is based on my unique personal experiences, my one "self-development" and healing journey, and I will be biased as to the kind of things I focus on, the types of information I seek and take in, and the perspectives I form and share here.

I still have SO much to learn. I am still exploring more decolonized approaches to therapy and healing. I am still working through my internalized racism and biases. I am still grappling with how my identities of privilege and oppression shape the way I operate in this world. I am still unlearning the ways in which capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and our culture of white supremacy have influenced my approach to healing and what I think "healing," "self-growth," and "being in better relationship" even means in the first place.

And I will never stop learning.

So please know that I will make "mistakes" here. I will say the "wrong" thing. I will change my mind about certain beliefs down the road when my mind and soul become more expanded.

I will do my best to stay humble along the way. But please afford me some grace if I fall short from time to time.

Many thanks. And now, I hope you enjoy the show. :)