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Jan. 16, 2022

Uncovering Our Authentic Self

Uncovering Our Authentic Self

Today I want to share my reflections on the sometimes fear-inducing topic of vulnerability.

Many of us have learned to see vulnerability as an unfavourable state that should be avoided at all costs.

Even the thesaurus tends to paints vulnerability in a negative light, pairing it with words like unsafe, weak, and threatened.

But one other synonym caught my eye: Unveiled.

To me, the idea of an "unveiling" conjures up the image of uncovering something special hidden underneath the shroud draped over it.

For example, an exquisite piece of art may be unveiled at the grand opening of an exhibit. The cloth that had been covering the artwork was but a sheath to hide the beautiful masterpiece underneath.

In many ways, we live hidden under layers of our own mask – a mask stitched together with elements of fear, insecurity, shame, and guilt.

And the longer our magnificent artwork remains hidden, the more we forget what it looks like.

What were those brilliant shades of colour that brought life to our creation? What were the details in the drawing – the lines here, the curves there, the bold strokes, the faded etches – that made our picture whole?

The more layers we pile on top of our masterpiece, the heavier the shroud becomes and the more effort it takes to strip it away.

But there's good news if you take this analogy one step further. It also means that you – the authentic You – is completely separate from the mask you wear.

In other words, the mask – all of the negative self-perceptions you hold close to you – is actually not a part of who you truly are.

And like a physical mask, if you remove it from yourself, it doesn't take anything away from your already-whole authentic Self. If anything, You shine brighter. In the act of unveiling, you gain the freedom to finally be seen.

So I wonder if we can find the courage to at least take a peek at what's under the veil. To reconnect with the masterpiece that we are. To remind ourselves of the colours and nuances that make us whole.

Perhaps we can work toward our unveiling so that we can celebrate the freedom of sharing our authentic Self with the rest of the world!

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