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Hi! I'm Janice Ho, a Korean-Canadian originally from Toronto, Canada (now living on a farm outside the city) and fellow human on her journey of healing from complex trauma and uncovering her authentic self.

I started this podcast to add one more (imo) much-needed Asian female voice to the podcasting landscape. I want to see us represented in conversations about topics that matter to me, including self-development, trauma, and addictions.

Here are some must-knows about me so you get a better sense of the lenses I speak through on the pod:

  • I hold several privileged identities including being a Canadian citizen, a cisgender woman, well-educated, financially privileged, able-bodied, and Korean (privileged relative to certain other ethnicities). I have also experienced identity-based oppression as an Asian woman, and when/as someone who struggled financially for many years in the past. I am currently exploring my relationship with monogamy and my sexuality but have been in monogamous, heteronormative relationships for most of my life. 

  • I will be 40 in June 2022. 

  • I value honesty, courage, self-development, creative expression, social justice, and freedom.

  • I do not subscribe to the following: toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing, a hyper-focus on rational thinking over emotions/the body, "all lives matter," "positive vibes only," etc.

  • My first career was doing research in the criminal justice field. I did my Master's of Criminology and worked for academics, non-profit organizations, and the government in the field for 8 years. My work experiences brought me to provincial courts, agencies that helped homeless individuals, our federal prisons, etc. I also volunteered in one of our provincial jails for a year, providing requested information to inmates or just an ear to listen. Through these experiences and my education, I learned about mental illness and addiction, structural barriers to folks’ physical and mental health, and the need for more preventative measures and holistic care. I also got to hear the stories of many people with experiences of struggle and hopes for a better life.

  • Overall, I am Liberal in my political stance. However, I don't have a ton of faith in our governmental systems and structures to create the real change our society needs. I have learned too much about its inefficiencies, oppressive and violent underpinnings, and corruption to believe we truly live in a "free" country.

  • My soul feels most at home in nature. In fact, I left my home city of Toronto and first career in 2016 to live more of my life in nature. You can follow me on Instagram @natureimmersed and read my Nature Immersed blog to learn about my experiences living on a farm, backcountry camping, and traveling.

  • I am currently a freelance copy editor. I love helping people communicate what they mean to say! I also have a lot of work experience in research, writing, marketing and communications, and transcribing. You can learn more about my freelance services at

  • I love to travel as a #digitalnomad. My longest stint abroad was 5 months in mostly Central America, right before the lockdown of March 2020. (As I write this, I am currently in Polignano a Mare, Italy, with a view of the emerald-blue Adriatic sea atop the cliff on which this city is built.) You can check out some of my travel posts and Stories on Instagram @janicehoimages.

  • I used to be dependent on alcohol and support breaking down the stigma and misperceptions about addiction. At the time of writing, I am 1 year, 6 months, and 6 days AF (alcohol free). You can learn more about my drinking story in these episodes: My Drinking Story (S1|EP11) and Why It's So Hard to Stop Drinking (S2|EP3).
  • I have experienced complex trauma (a.k.a. C-PTSD, including developmental, relational, attachment, and intergenerational trauma). Going on my trauma-healing journey over the past almost 4 years, including working with an amazing therapist and nerding out on the trauma psychoeducation, has been the best thing I've ever done for myself.

  • I will be applying for school in 2022 to become a trauma therapist!

Season 1 (Jan–July 2018)

I started The Soul's Work Podcast in January 2018 to share about the self-development lessons I had learned (and was continuing to learn) around things like connecting with my intuition, identifying my core values, learning self-care practices, and exploring my internalized oppression. I also had a few guests who graciously shared about their own personal experiences with mental illness, relationships, and more.

I did not see many Asian female voices represented in the podcasting and/or "self-development" landscape. I would have loved to see people (or even a person) who looked like me sharing about similar life challenges and experiences when I was in the depths of my struggles. I'd still love to see more of that now – so I decided to add my own voice to the landscape.

By the end of Season 1, I was ready to take a break so I could focus on doing more of the work rather than sharing about the work. I had started learning about trauma and was experiencing a lot of grief as well as relational triggers and attachment issues. It was a lot to process.

I didn't know it'd be two years until my next episode. Actually, I thought I might never podcast again. But that all changed during the pandemic…

Season 2 (May 2020–Scheduled to end Dec 2021)

In April 2020, we began the lockdown and I started my alcohol-free journey. Trying to find podcasts on alcohol dependency reminded me that Asian voices are underrepresented when it comes to these public discussions. So I got on the mic again.

By the beginning of Season 2, I had been well underway in my trauma-healing journey. I had learned so much about how my past adverse experiences have continued to affect the person I am today, and ways I can work toward disrupting long-standing patterns that no longer serve me.

As Season 2 nears its end (it was a long one), I feel like I have uncovered and healed so many layers of trauma and really connected with my authentic self in a much deeper way than ever before. It’s taken a lot of hard work and incredible support. It will always be a work in progress, but it truly does get easier. And the profound level of groundedness, healing, and love for Self and others has been well worth the journey.

Season 3 (Scheduled Feb–Aug 2022)

When Season 3 begins, I will have just submitted my applications to school to become a therapist. Let’s see where the journey takes me next!

In Season 3, we'll continue the Healing Trauma series and have some awesome guests to talk about relationships, sex, connecting with our intuition, and more. 

A Disclaimer

My "self-development" journey is a work in progress and always will be. I am constantly learning new things about healing trauma and the ways I’ve been conditioned that aren’t aligned with my authentic self. Returning to the podcast two years after the end of Season 1 showed me how much my own perspectives around these topics can change, and the importance of staying open and curious to what we don't yet know.

On that note, please know that I am not an "expert" in anything I share about on this podcast. While much of what I speak about (especially regarding trauma) is based on a lot of research and education I've taken in, please remember that all of this is based on my unique personal experiences and self. 

That means I will be biased as to the types of things I focus on, the types of information I seek and take in, and the perspectives I form and share here. My focus is not on being “right” but on sharing about my story, struggles, and learnings in the hopes that others might feel less alone in their own journeys.

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Updated: October 18, 2021