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Absolute joy to listen to ❤️

What I really enjoy about this podcast is Janice’s raw honesty and openness. She’s I’ve learnt so much about myself, new ways to think and different ways of operating by listening and encourage others to do the same! Great pod, keep up the awesome work!

Very insightful

I've always been a fan of self-improvement and seek out books and podcasts to become a better version of myself every year. Then I found Janice's podcast. We always need more Asian voices on our social media platforms. Janice brings a unique perspective to the the world of personal development by sharing her experiences as an Asian woman in relationships, dating, and navigating society as a minority woman. What I like about her style is how candid she is; it's like having a conversation with a friend. It's rare to see an Asian who is so open with her struggles. By covering some very difficult topics, which can also be awkward for many in the Asian community, she begins a conversation in a community that cares more about "saving face" than confronting their struggles. Asians are not known for expressing their emotions, much less their thoughts. Her podcast can really help those who may have experienced the same trauma or similar events in their past. I hope to see this podcast grow in the near future.

Amazing podcast, Janice is so open and genuine. It really is a breath of fresh air for the soul. ❤️

Reconnect with The Soul's Work!

It's too easy to fall out of touch with our minds and bodies, and often we can go quite some time without checking in with our own mental health. The Soul's Work is a podcast that looks to reconnect ourselves with ourselves! And Janice Ho is a wonderful navigator of all the things we need to keep talking about- healing trauma and mental illness; responding to pain provoked by tragedy; dating and attachment styles; interesting and unique forms of therapy and self development; the pursuit of intimacy and pleasure in our relationships and sex; and so on! Janice isn't afraid to pull back the curtain, get personal, and share so much of herself with both listeners and the variety of inspiring guests she welcomes to her show. She has a way of asking the questions you didn't know needed to be asked, and she does so with care, nuance, thoughtfulness, and not to mention a voice that's just so easy to listen to. Tuning in to The Soul's Work is a grounding and reconnecting experience, and I think you'll be as thankful as I am for finding this podcast and its passionate host!

Sense of community

I've been following your podcast since the beginning and I wanted to thank you for sharing your personal journey so honestly with us, and for providing such great research and information that really encourages your viewers to obtain that knowledge for themselves. It really is a powerful message that you send and I wanted you to know that in hopes to encourage you to continue doing something that is helping many people, especially during this time. I started on my spiritual journey about 8 years ago and I find it so fascinating how we come from such different life experiences and yet the lessons we have learned and continue to learn as souls are similar. In a way, listening to you validates my own experiences, like there is a sense of community and welcomeness for those who either are currently suffering, recovering from, or want to understand more about the people around them. Great job. I read that you might be writing a book??? Can't wait to read it!

Talking about some REAL stuff with comfort and thoughtfulness

The Soul’s Work podcast takes an approach to some challenging subjects that immediately puts me at ease. I don’t sense a lot of judgment, just honest sharing, suggestions, guidance, and most of all, hope that any listener is getting a positive impact from each episode. The soul’s work indeed.

This podcast is fresh, relevant, accessible, polished, intelligent, professional, dare I say amazing!

This podcast is fresh, relevant, accessible, polished, intelligent, professional, dare I say amazing! Janice speaks from a place of authenticity about her own personal growth, and self-actualization, and invites her listening audience to share their process in achieving the same. Compelling listening!

One of the best podcasts I've heard on the subject to date.

One of the best podcasts I've heard on the subject to date. It's well presented, concise and comes across knowledgeable without being too evangelical. If you're at all interested in your own personal well being and spiritual growth I would say to check this one out!

This is definitely a podcast to tune into

This is definitely a podcast to tune into. Janice shares her struggles and triumphs that we can relate to. Her authenticity is a breath of fresh air. A must subscribe and can’t wait for the future episodes!

Healing Trauma

I love how Janice is non judgemental about her parents and childhood experiences as she provides tools on how to cope and deal with trauma - As a transformative coach I’m learning so much about the art of listening and cultivating compassion for myself and others. I would highly recommend listening to the series. Thank you for sharing your healing journey Janice ! And that voice 😄 Zeenat Chagani @Zeenat_life

Helped me understand my own feelings. Spectacular use of words.

There is so much to talk about traumas and to recognize them as part of our past and it's completely up to us to accept to take care of it and embrace our feelings, they are trying to tell us something, through our bodies and our reactions, this brings me back to one of the episodes from the first season, that stood out to me, in which Janice created an actual character for her fear and talked openly to it as it was a person, and on this one you mentioned anger. And if our body or our mind is trying to tell us something, we must give it a voice. This podcast has been helping me identify my feelings and face them as they deserve and not ignore them.