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May 17, 2022

S3|EP8: From the Abandonment Wound to Connection (Part 1) (with Steve LeBlanc)

S3|EP8: From the Abandonment Wound to Connection (Part 1) (with Steve LeBlanc)

Feel like you don't belong or that being a Lone Wolf is easier (safer) than being in connection? You're not alone! In this episode, we talk about healing from the abandonment wound both internally and in relationship.

Janice and her guest (also dating partner) Steve LeBlanc get vulnerable chatting about how early abandonment and attachment trauma has impacted their later relationships and capacity for connection. In part 1 of their conversation, they dive into:

  • The research on how impaired connection in early childhood can lead to the abandonment wound
  • The impacts of Steve’s early relationships with his parents on his self-identity and later relationships
  • Experiencing co-dependency, anxious attachment, and low self-esteem
  • How the stories Steve told himself didn’t reflect reality
  • Becoming a “chameleon” to fit in and be liked
  • Taking on (and perpetuating) the “lone wolf” identity to protect against the fear of rejection and abandonment 
  • Doing the work to shift from abandonment trauma to connection
  • Becoming conscious of the stories and self-beliefs of unbelonging and abandonment
  • Becoming the good parent/guide for ourselves that we always needed

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