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May 25, 2022

S3|EP9: From the Abandonment Wound to Connection (Part 2) (with Steve LeBlanc)

S3|EP9: From the Abandonment Wound to Connection (Part 2) (with Steve LeBlanc)

How do we integrate the inner work into the complex world of relationships, including when sex is involved? In this episode, we talk about healing from abandonment and attachment wounds by doing relationships and sexual experiences a little bit differently.

Janice and her guest (also dating partner) Steve LeBlanc get vulnerable chatting about how early abandonment trauma has impacted their later relationships and capacity for connection. In part 2 of their conversation, they dive into:

  • Integrating the inner work into relationships
  • Healing from infidelity
  • Steve’s greater self-awareness of his triggers in present-day situations
  • Experiencing secure attachment and freedom in a consensually non-monogamous relationship
  • Developing a safe container to be present (and just be) in the relationship
  • Healing sexual trauma and unlearning patterns in relationship
  • How Steve’s earlier sexual experiences led to repressing his needs and being performative in later relationships
  • The differences Steve has experienced between having sex with men versus women
  • A spontaneous, real-time moment of processing between Steve and Janice about Steve’s internalized belief that women don’t want him sexually
  • A mutually healing sexual experience between Janice and Steve
  • The need for both clear communication and an understanding of the nuanced power dynamics in heterosexual relationships
  • Steve’s understanding of his privileges and some ways he’s developed empathy
  • What Steve hopes for going forward with connection and love

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