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May 5, 2022

S3|EP7: Healing Trauma (Part 6): Finding Freedom Through Relationships (with Hari Alexandra)

S3|EP7: Healing Trauma (Part 6): Finding Freedom Through Relationships (with Hari Alexandra)

Are you conscious in your relationships? Or are old patterns running the show? In this episode, we discuss how early traumas can show up in our adult relationships and how doing the inner/relational healing work can set us free.

Janice and her guest Hari Alexandra, a coach who helps women heal trauma, share about how their experiences of childhood trauma have impacted their adult relationships, their 4-year healing journeys, and the process of integrating the inner work into relationships in everyday life. The conversation dives into:

  • Hari's and Janice's childhood relationships with their fathers and anger 
  • Hari's experience with energy healing (how it helped and why it was limited)
  • How Hari's and Janice's experiences of childhood trauma led to people pleasing and anxious/avoidant tendencies in their adult relationships 
  • The spiritual experience in Thailand that started Hari on her 4-year trauma-healing path and led to Hari holding space for others to heal 
  • What are the third eye, chakras, and channeling?
  • Hari's coaching work helping women heal trauma and improve their romantic relationships
  • Hari's and Janice's personal work healing their feminine wounds and cultivating deeper friendships with other women
  • Healing their relationship to the masculine, including with sex
  • Learning how to work through conflict and be held in relationships 
  • Integrating the inner work into the messiness of real-life relationships 

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