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June 5, 2020

Black Lives Matter: Doing the Anti-Racism Work (S2, EP4 | The Soul’s Work Podcast)

Black Lives Matter: Doing the Anti-Racism Work (S2, EP4 | The Soul’s Work Podcast)

While the recent murder of George Floyd by police has evoked a new wave of the Black Lives Matter movement, racism against Black folks is nothing new (including in Canada). How do we sit with the challenging feelings we may be experiencing and mobilize ourselves to help dismantle our culture of white supremacy?

In this episode, Janice shares a bit about her background in understanding the racism that exists both in Toronto/Canada and the self-development/wellness space. She also shares about my own shame, fears, and uncertainties with doing what’s really required of us to dismantle our culture of white supremacy, and discusses what has helped her so far in continuing this work despite all of the uncomfortable feelings.

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Black educators, activists, authors, and creators mentioned in this episode:

I am NOT an anti-racism educator. The purpose of me sharing about this topic on my podcast is to encourage other non-Black folks to do the work despite the challenging feelings we might be experiencing. Please learn about doing the anti-racism/anti-bias work first and foremost from Black educators.

As mentioned in the episode, remember that if you are going to follow Black folks online to learn about how you can do the anti-racism work, also learn how they would like people to respect and engage in their space.