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April 5, 2023

S4|EP2: Building Secure Attachment Through Healing Trauma + Solo Polyamory

S4|EP2: Building Secure Attachment Through Healing Trauma + Solo Polyamory

In this age of insta-everything, it can be tempting to chase the next quick healing fix and spiritual high. But Janice and her guest denise chang discuss a more sustainable approach to healing trauma that involves working with the body; reconnecting with our erotic power; resourcing our ancestors, nature, and animals; and working with our child parts.

They also share how practicing solo polyamory and relationship anarchy has helped them both move away from codependent relationships and build secure attachment with themselves and others.

Bio: denise is a somatic trauma resolution practitioner, erotic movement arts facilitator, and intuitive energy healer. their work focuses on the cultivation of erotic power and the healing of intergenerational trauma through the body ecology modality. as an immigrant of taoist malaysian chinese descent and solo-polyamorist, denise brings together their wisdom of nervous system attunement and animist perspectives to offer deep healing and collective liberation.

CW: Mention of experiencing sexual harm

This episode covers:

  • Working with the body to heal trauma 
  • Experiencing shame before embodiment
  • Self-compassion + resourcing “something bigger”
  • Spirituality + limitations of Western healing
  • Erotic power + sexuality
  • Erotic power dance
  • Solo polyamory: building secure attachment
  • Unlearning codependency through relationship anarchy
  • Unlearning mononormativity + “the relationship escalator”
  • The commercialization of healing work
  • Accessing joy

Resources mentioned:

  • Rachel Maddox
  • Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza
  • Audre Lorde’s essay “Uses of the Erotic”
  • Amber McZeal (Ancestral Lineage Healing)
  • Rooted Global Village

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