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April 27, 2023

S4|EP5: Sex Work as Healing Work + Exploring Kink and Polyamory (with Sydney)

S4|EP5: Sex Work as Healing Work + Exploring Kink and Polyamory (with Sydney)

Sydney and Janice chat about how sex work can be healing and a path to reclaiming one's sensuality. They also dive into unlearning codependency and practicing polyamory, plus exploring kink and disowned parts through dom/sub play.

Bio: Sydney is a chef, pleasure curator, and sex worker based in what is colonially known as Philadelphia. Sydney is a proud third generation Chinese-American non-binary human.They graduated from Emerson College in 2019 with a degree in Media Arts Production, but found their passion for food and sensuality. After many career changes, they decided to pursue culinary arts following in their grandparents’ footsteps. 

This episode covers:

  • Sydney’s journey with being monogamish, non-monogamy + polyamory
  • Becoming a sex worker
  • Reclaiming sensuality through sex work
  • Practicing boundaries in sexual relationships (and life in general!)
  • Communicating boundaries before and during sex
  • Sex work as healing work
  • How sex workers can learn from polyamory
  • Unlearning monogamous culture + codependency
  • Being a sex worker + Asian
  • Exploring ourselves through kink + dom/sub play
  • Navigating group play + potential triggers
  • Being polyamorous + Asian

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