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Oct. 10, 2021

Life Is Short, But What If We Need to Slow Down? (S2, EP12 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

Life Is Short, But What If We Need to Slow Down? (S2, EP12 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

"Life is short, so live it to the fullest." This well-known mantra can push us to want to do things bigger, better, and more of. But what if "living to the fullest" feels more like pressure than inspiration? What if going slow and being cautious is sometimes actually the most authentic decision for you?

In this episode, Janice discusses the mantra we've all heard of before – that "Life is short" – and how it might make us feel like we should be doing things better, bigger, and more of. Janice shares how she's taken an authentic, oftentimes brave approach to life that has involved big moves, but that sometimes going slow and feeling "cautious" about the things we desire doesn't necessarily mean we aren't living life to the fullest.

Janice gives examples ranging from travel dreams to new relationships and dives into how a lack of privilege or challenging life periods, balancing two authentic but conflicting needs, and being stuck in old patterns can bring a lot more nuance and complexity to our life decisions than simply following a sometimes inspirational but one-size-fits-all quote.

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  • 00:00: Quick life updates + doing the shadow work
  • 02:15: The “life is short” approach (and what it means)
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  • 04:53: How I live life like it’s both short and long AF
  • 07:02: Two recent events that made me pause and reflect on why the “life is short” mantra isn’t enough
  • 08:34: My big upcoming travel plans to Italy
  • 09:22: Why long-term solo traveling has been a life-long dream of mine
  • 11:51: Why I experienced a post-decision hangover after booking my flight
  • 13:57: What does it actually mean to execute this abstract idea of “life is short”? When lack of privilege or challenging periods in life keeps us from thriving.
  • 17:38: When we’re wrestling between two conflicting feelings that both come from an authentic place. (Some context: My days of financial struggle and spending money I didn’t have.)
  • 20:49: How the way I approach my finances now has been part of my trauma-healing
  • 24:15: Another great take – Thais Sky’s RECLAIM Podcast episode: “Ep. 160 Life Is Short, So Forgive Often Right? Wrong”
  • 25:55: A dating example: my authentic self when experiencing an emotional attachment to someone
  • 26:58: How my desire to express and be in connection can sometimes come from an unconscious trauma response
  • 30:42: How being “cautious” doesn’t necessarily equate to not living life fully
  • 31:14: An eye-opening conversation with my therapist around not feeling ready for a committed relationship
  • 33:30: When ongoing old patterns and fears keep us stuck from living our life fully
  • 36:10: How working through the root causes of those patterns can help us to more naturally choose the authentic decision  
  • 38:50: Some of my biggest “self-development” lessons: holding complexity and nuance + tapping into my intuition as a guide
  • 39:50: Living life like it’s short: doing + being (being present)
  • 42:42: How to connect with me