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June 7, 2021

Healing Trauma (Part 4): Doing Therapy (S2, EP9 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

Healing Trauma (Part 4): Doing Therapy (S2, EP9 | The Soul's Work Podcast)

How can we begin to heal trauma? In this episode, we explore one potential aspect of healing: doing therapy to gain new insights into our current life challenges and heal trauma within a safe, attuned relationship with a therapist.

In this episode, Janice shares about her experiences doing therapy: 1) What compelled her to do therapy in the first place; 2) what it’s been like to work with the different therapists she's had, including the differences doing cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) versus trauma therapy with a mind-body approach; 3) what about certain therapists turned her off or made for a not-good fit; and 4) what has been helpful in therapy and even really critical in her healing journey. 

Throughout the episode, Janice shares some thoughts on both the stigma and privilege around doing therapy, and acknowledges how uncomfortable it can be to start talking to a therapist! She also shares some general things to consider when exploring therapy, including her thoughts on different types of talk therapy, a therapist’s effectiveness being impacted by their own personal therapy work, and building trust with a new therapist.

This episode is part 4 of an ongoing series on healing trauma.

*Please note that Janice is not a trauma expert or therapist, and that this series shares about her one personal experience of learning about and healing trauma.

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