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April 19, 2023

S4|EP4: Going Alcohol Free (My 3-Year AF Anniversary)

S4|EP4: Going Alcohol Free (My 3-Year AF Anniversary)

Janice shares her process of how she made it to 3 years alcohol free after struggling with alcohol dependency for many years. She and her guest host Janna Estrada discuss the top 5 things that supported Janice in her alcohol-free journey.

This episode covers:

  • Drinking culture and talking openly about drinking
  • 5 things that helped Janice go alcohol free:
  • 1. Learning the neuroscience of addiction
  • 2. Unlearning beliefs about the benefits of alcohol
  • 3. Removing triggers to drinking
  • 4. Turning to community for support
  • 5. Doing the trauma-healing work
  • Getting to 1 year alcohol free
  • Will Janice ever drink again?

Resources mentioned:

  • This Naked Mind (Annie Grace): (Please note that the course This Naked Mind Intensive mentioned in the episode is no longer available. The Path program by This Naked Mind may be the closest alternative.)

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